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jongyeol > hyunseunq

go go go :3



I took this video at the 2011 Sydney Kpop festival. I was lucky enough to get a good spot and witness Beast perform live. I’m not even kidding, they all walked past me here, about 1.5 meters away from me. 

This was the last song they performed, Beautiful. So many B2UTIES around me were crying and screaming for them while I was dazed. When they finally walked past, I realized that my favourite band in the whole world is right in front of me. It was amazing <3

So, first gif is Hyunseung swaging in front, second was when Doojoon bent down in front of me and stuck his tongue out in a playful/sexual manner ;A; His saliva fell onto the stage… /sobbing The third gif is once again Hyunseung. Fourth one, we see Leader Doo walking away after squatting in front of me. We see Joker rapping like a swag master, Yoseob singing and a tiny bit of Kikwang bending over to touch a lucky fan. The last row is all Dongwoon T__T He played around the most. 

Most amazing night of my life <3

YAY. The gif actually works now

I was fortunate enough to be able to meet you guys on Saturday- now I love you guys even more. I am sure that many others groups lip-synced their way through for their songs. However, I heard every member’s voice loud and clear even over the screams of fangirls and boys. 

I am so proud of you. To see how much you have matured through the years and how much effort you put in for us fans. You performed with smiles on your faces and your dances were full of energy- when we all know that you are exhausted and tired. 

As a fan, I pray that your singing career will flourish even more and I hope that you will be able to smile through every day. I love you. B2uties love you.

B2ST is the BEST.

Love, another b2uty.

I fucking love Dongwoo’s laugh so much.


I don’t care if I sound creep, because I have a mp3 clip of it playing on repeat. I don’t care if other people hate it. 

I love it. I fucking love it. It is glorious. It is precious. It is magnificent. It is epic. It is wonderfull.

It is Dongwoo.

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